The Good, The Bad, The Verdict: Ringside issue 15

The end of Ringside has arrived and recognizes that everybody dreams yet so few get to live them out. Unlike any other issue this one focuses on Teddy and Mr. Kristiansen remembering the good and bad times that they had with Danny. Both men have been changed due to Danny’s temper, actions, and decisions that have made them become better people.  The dream of being a wrestler has ended for Danny but he did get to live it and was considered to be the best in the world when he did.

The Good:

Since Danny’s death many years have passed in the wrestling world.  Teddy has a family while Mr. Kristiansen has retired from the wrestling business. One day Mr. Kristiansen asks a nurse who is checking his blood pressure to bring down a box that has old wrestling magazines. These magazines have Danny on the cover, which brings back memories for him of his early days as a wrestler and being involved with Danny. At the same time, Teddy is refusing to tell a reporter the story of Danny and who he is out of respect for his friend and partner.  Both Mr. Kristiansen and Teddy get the same idea of visiting Danny’s grave, while there they run into each other. Once talking to each other they realize that they both knew Danny at different times. For Mr. Kristiansen, it was when Danny was on top of the world as a wrestler where the two became very close both in the ring and out of the ring. Yet it all ended when Danny blew up his career and left the top promotion in wrestling and effectively ending their relationship. Teddy on the other hand was Danny’s second relationship after he left being on top of the world in wrestling as he would always help him out of trouble.  While talking with one another both men realize, without saying, that they were each involved with Danny on an intimate level. It is clear that they are here to pay respect to their fallen friend as they both leave a magazine with the Minotaur on the cover of Danny’s grave. Thus, showcasing that Danny was the very best wrestler that could captivate a crowd and that he will be missed not only as a wrestler but as a friend and partner.

The Bad:

The comic leaves several unanswered questions and unfinished stories. One being what is occurring with Reynolds as he is coping with a career ending injury and leaving or possibly returning to the wrestling industry. The second is how Davis is reacting to his job training new talent to enter the wrestling industry. The third unfinished story is what is occurring with Hank’s promotion as he is struggling to run a successful wrestling company. Finally, what has happened to CMW now that they have lost several stars and key players in their organization. With all these unanswered questions the comic feels as if the plot is about to start as we explore the inner workings of the wrestling industry and what it takes to make it, rather than for the comic to end. Furthermore, with all these unanswered questions, and the ability to continue the story, the comic ending on this note feels as if it is taking the easy way out rather than appropriately ending the right way.

The Verdict:

Ringside has been a peek into the world of professional wrestling better than any WWE 24. As the hardest bumps often take place on the outside as wrestlers have to manage their partners, bodies, and everyday challenges. For 15 issues, we have seen all of this and more as we followed Danny, Davis, Regan, Davis, and Hank as they attempt to deal with the effects the wrestling business has on each of them. Throughout this journey we have seen what happens to wrestlers when they take one too many bumps on the outside of the ring and they sometimes don’t come back. Ringside issue 15 ends open-ended, but captures what the consequences of being a professional wrestler are.

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