The Good, The Bad, The Verdict : Ringside issue 13

Welcome back to Ringside where the hardest bumps take place outside of the ring. Issue 13 explores 3 different components to the wrestling industry. The rising star, Reynolds, gets his first big push in wrestling, Danny deals with the aftermath of resolving Teddy’s debt, and Regan leaves wrestling to focus on television. Each of these 3 men captures a different side of the effects the wrestling industry leaves upon its participants.

The Good:

Finally, after blowing his first opportunity, Reynolds has become the second Minotaur with full support of the company behind him. As they are providing him with a new entrance, music, training, and the chance to become the top wrestler in the company. Yet by doing this he will not be creating his own mark on wrestling, but rather continuing a legend that was already established by Danny. Conversely, even though it is not him, he will have become a somebody instead of a nobody in wrestling. This situation perfectly captures the choice that wrestlers have to make in professional wrestling if they want to reach the next level in their career. Reynolds will have to give up his creativity and embrace another person’s vision of who he should be. As this is going on, the comic focuses on Regan who left wrestling as a TV network was interested in creating a show off of the pilot he wrote. While in the meeting they decided that they wanted to change and alter the show to be more modern. This puts Regan in a unique situation as he does not want his show to be changed or altered in any way. Much like Reynolds he finally caves in, due to his agent, as he realizes he can be a nobody or he can be a somebody if he accepts other creative inputs. While TV and wrestling are different they are extremely similar. In order to be successful, people have to be willing to forego their ideas and accept others to become big.

The Bad:

The comic has dropped the ball with Danny’s part of the story as it seems unrealistic. Danny has just worked out the debt Teddy had and has since left him. Rather than move on with his life he has chosen to track down Eduard as he wants to tie up loose ends. Eventually Eduard shows up to where Danny is living with several weapons. While all of this makes for an interesting story it is extremely unrealistic for anybody and especially for a retired wrestler. By pushing this story forward, it takes away from the realism that the comic has captured about the wrestling industry and how difficult and tough it can be.

The Verdict:

It cannot be said enough that Ringside, each issue, gives average people a look into one of the craziest jobs on earth; professional wrestling. Issue 13 primarily focuses on the sacrifices that are made in order to get to the top and become a somebody in the industry, in particular for Reynolds and Regan. Conversely, the comic drops the ball with Danny as he is attempting to finally tie up all the loose ends with Teddy and the debt that is owed. As a result the comic is average as parts of it are extremely realistic and eye opening while others are far-fetched.

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