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The Good, The Bad, The Verdict : TWD 173

Got to say The Walking Dead issue 173 wraps up the Whisperer War arc nicely, while ushering in the next arc of the comic. After failing to defeat the Alexandria Safezone Beta has retreated in order to plan his next strike. This strike, even though it failed, was to kill Jesus and Aaron who in…

The Good, The Bad, The Verdict : Copperhead issue 15

Things just got a hell of a lot more interesting in Copperhead with issue 15.  Since the start of Copperhead, Clara, Clay, and Mr. Hickory have all harbored secrets that have begun to unwind. With the truth being revealed, it will only lead to massive consequences that will affect the future of Copperhead. The Good:…

Blast from the Past : Here’s Negan

Since Walking Dead 100, Negan has been viewed as one of the top comic book villains in the modern era.  Yet, it has never been revealed as to what has made Negan into the leader he has become. That is until Here’s Negan was published, which tells the story of Negan and how he transformed…