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The Good, The Bad, The Verdict : Port of Earth issue 1

It is always nice when a classical story gets a futuristic update with a twist. Port of Earth, written by Zack Kaplan and illustrated by Andrea Mutti, attempts to do just that but rather than aliens coming to attack Earth they are here for business and only business. As a result, this opens up a…

Anime in Focus : .hack // Legend of the Twilight

Since the 1970’s video games have been an intromit part of pop culture. With the increase in graphics and storytelling throughout the years they have only become more popular. In the last decade, the anime industry has begun to take an interest in the video game world as several MMORPG shows have been introduced. These…

The Good, The Bad, The Verdict : TWD 173

Got to say The Walking Dead issue 173 wraps up the Whisperer War arc nicely, while ushering in the next arc of the comic. After failing to defeat the Alexandria Safezone Beta has retreated in order to plan his next strike. This strike, even though it failed, was to kill Jesus and Aaron who in…