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The Good, The Bad, The Verdict Plastic Issue 1

Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard have teamed up to bring us one twisted tale of a former serial killer coming out of retirement to save his love. Victor (Edwyn) was on the loose for 10 years before disappearing without a trace. Since then he has been traveling with his love, Virginia, who is a sex…

The Good, The Bad, The Verdict Copperhead issue 12

The town of Copperhead is about to be shaken up. In issue 11 of Copperhead it was revealed that Boo was voted, with Hickory’s involvement, to be the next mayor of Copperhead. As a result, this only adds to the various problems Clara has to face as she is investigating the mayor’s death, her ex-husband…

What to expect for The Silver Guardian

The Silver Guardian is an anime that looks simple on the surface, yet has a thought-provoking plot. As the anime centers around how the use of video games brings Suigin and Rei closer to one another. Throughout the anime we witness how their relationship begins and continues to expand. This anime attempts to tell a…