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The Good, The Bad, The Verdict: Star Wars Captain Phasma issue 1

We are on the official road to Star Wars, The Last Jedi, with the introduction of the mini comic series Captain Phasma.  In many ways Captain Phasma , written by Kelly Thompson and art by Marco Checchetto, is a prequel to the upcoming movie.  The comic starts with Captain Phasma being forced down a garbage…

Blast from the Past : The New 52 Teen Titans Volume 1

The New 52 allowed DC Comics to relaunch their entire comic universe and produce 52 new titles each month. One of the titles re-launched was The Teen Titans beginning in November 2011.  This granted writer Scott Lobdell and artist Brett Booth the ability to create and develop the 4th relaunch of the Teen Titans. The…

The Good, The Bad, The Verdict TWD Issue 171

As The Walking Dead progresses friends and foes become more challenging to determine. Issue 171 of The Walking Dead tests this very philosophy as Eugene and Siddiq test their friendship. At the same time, the only living person in Pittsburgh, Juanita Sanchez, emerges to greet the group traveling to Ohio. In both of these cases…