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What you need to know about getting your Comic Books Graded

The comic book industry changed in the year 2000 when the company Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) was formed. This company introduced the comic world to the concept of graded comics. A graded comic includes placing a comic in several layers of plastic that are impervious to air and gases. These layers of plastic accomplish two…

The Good, The Bad, The Verdict TWD issue 168

Issue 168 of The Walking Dead begins a new road for the 4 communities as they attempt to move forward from the losses they suffered due to the Whisperer war. The issue focuses on Negan helping to defuse the angry Saviors from going to war with Rick and preventing more blood being shed between both…

The Good, The Bad, The Verdict Samaritan Issue 1

Now that Season 5 of House of Cards is over you can read Samaritan by Matt Hawkins and Atilio Rojo. The comic focuses on hacker, Samantha Copeland, whose goal is to kill the president of the United States, Owen McKitrick. McKitrick orchestrates 3 separate terrorist attacks in the United States leading up to his election for…